Garages and Shops

Garage and Shop Builder in Central Michigan.

Adding a garage or a shop to your Michigan home has many advantages.  The obvious advantage is the large increase in secured storage space.  A secondary but still quite popular addition with shops and garages is the ability to add a live-in suite above the garage for extra living space or even some extra income in the form of a rental suite.  It’s not unrealistic to have the additional living space eventually pay for your project over time.

Hubble Construction and Restoration is a full service, licensed and insured contractor service Central Michigan residents.  We can help you design and build the garage or shop you’ve always wanted to have.

There are numerous reasons for a family living in Central Michigan to have a garage.

  • Securely park your vehicles.
  • Securely store toys such as Motorcycles, Boats and ATV’s.
  • Never scrape your car windows in the winter again.
  • A warm and dry place for your workshop.
  • Large amount of secured storage.
  • Better resale value for your home.

We don’t force you to use a “pre built” garage or shop package.  We can build your garage what ever size you want. (local codes and bylaws will obviously apply)  We are flexible  in the shape, roof pitch and final design.  We will build a Garage for you and your family that truly meets your needs and best utilizes your available space and budget.